Everette Ganir

Student: Everette Ganir High School: Pahoa UH Hilo Major: Computer Science, Dorrance Scholar I attended Pahoa schools from kindergarten until the beginning of my senior year of high school and graduated from Keaau High. This was due to the lava Read This Story »

Nikka Takane

Student: Nikka Takane UH Hilo Major: B.A. in Communications, M.A. in Teaching After I had graduated from Waiakea high school I received my B.A. in Communications from the University of Hawaii at Hilo in 2012. I returned to UH Hilo Read This Story »

Jay Bumanglag

Student: Jay Bumanglag UH Hilo Major: B.A. in Mathematics, M.A. in Teaching I received my high school diploma from Pahoa High School, earned a B.A. in Mathematics from UH Hilo in 2013, and am currently in UH Hilo’s two-year Master Read This Story »

Michael Severino

Student: Michael Severino UH Hilo Major: Business Administration – Finance Concentration Attending UH Hilo has been an unparalleled experience. Having graduated from Hawaii Preparatory Academy in Waimea, most students wanted to move off the island and experience what the mainland Read This Story »

Gregory Peters

Student: Gregory Peters High School – Connections public charter high school UH Hilo Major: Philosophy I spent a year at a community college in Arizona before enrolling into the University of Hawaii at Hilo. In my first semester, I was Read This Story »

Chris Koscik

Student: Chris Koscik High School – St Joseph School UH Hilo Major: Political Science What I appreciate most about the University of Hawaii at Hilo is its environment; it’s filled with intelligent people with whom you have the opportunity to Read This Story »

Helaman Tafua

Student: Helaman Tafua High School – Pahoa UH Hilo Major: Computer science Class Standing – Senior I am grateful to UH Hilo for it has definitely helped to shape who I am today. When I was in high school, I Read This Story »

Anthony Daub

Student: Anthony Daub High School – Waiakea UH Hilo Major: Nursing Class Standing – Senior My name is Anthony Daub, a senior nursing student here at The University of Hawaii at Hilo. I decided to pursue the career of nursing Read This Story »

Anthony Eton

Student: Anthony Eton High School – West Hawaii Expiration Academy UH Hilo Major: Environmental Studies, Class Standing – Senior I graduated from the West Hawaii Expiration Academy in 2010 and began my college education at the Hawaii community college in Read This Story »

Theodore (Teddy) Derego

Student: Theodore (Teddy) Derego High School – Kamehameha Keaau Campus UH Hilo Major: Computer Science Class Standing – Junior I graduated from Kamehameha School’s Keaau campus in 2012. UH Manoa and UH Hilo accepted and offered me full scholarships. I Read This Story »

Elijah Livingston

Student: Elijah Livingston UH Hilo Major: Performing Arts Class Standing – Senior Elijah Livingston began attending the University of Hawaii at Hilo in the spring of 2012. He was originally disinterested in getting a college education since he used to Read This Story »

Sierra Mitchell

Student: Sierra Mitchell High School – Keaau UH Hilo Major: Environmental Studies Class Standing – Junior Sierra Mitchell graduated from Kea’au High School in 2010 and by the fall of the same year she was enrolled at the Hawai’i Community Read This Story »

Kala’i Blakemore

Kala’i Blakemore High School – Kamehameha High School UH Hilo Major: Art Kala’i Blakemore graduated from Kamehameha High School in 2013. Shortly after, she enrolled into the University of Hawaii at Hilo and declared herself as an Art major.  At Read This Story »

Alexander Guerrero

Student: Alexander Guerrero High School – Kamehameha Schools Maui UH Hilo Major: Hawaiian Studies, History, Anthropology Class standing –Senior As a student of Ka Haka ‘Ula O Ke’elikōlani the College of Hawaiian Language at UH Hilo, I have had the Read This Story »

Ashli Hirai

Ashli Hirai Waiakea High School UH Hilo, Fall 2014-Bachelors of Science in Animal Science (Pre-Veterinary Medicine Specialization) with a Minor in Biology UH Hilo provided me with the knowledge and experience that I needed to gain acceptance to veterinary school. Read This Story »

James Akau

Student: James Akau High School – Kamehameha Kapalama Campus UH Hilo, TCBES Master’s program I graduated from Kamehameha high school’s Kapalama campus in 2005 and earned my Bachelors of Science in Biology and minor in Chemistry from Chapman University in Read This Story »

Gayle Bovee

As a non-traditional student, I knew I would need all the help I could get. My family is very supportive, but I needed an academic guide once in a while, especially when it came to math. When I arrived at Read This Story »

Amber Waracka

When I arrived at UH Hilo I was just out of High School and more focused on being out of my parents house than what I wanted to do with my life. I knew that I enjoyed Hawaiian History but I didn’t know that I could make a major out of that passion.

Amanda Wendel

If you could have your most cherished dream, but had to give up virtually every part of your life to have it…would you?

Standing alone, excited, yet terrified in the theater parking lot, I watched my parents drive away, leaving me behind. I had never left the county I was born in, except for vacations, my entire life, much less my family. Now, I was all by myself more than 5,000 miles from home, in a state I had never before set foot in, all with only a little over two weeks’ notice.

Celeste Ha’o

Born and raised in Hilo and a graduate from Waiakea High School, I often get questioned, “Why did you want to stay home? Didn’t you ever want to experience what life would be like to attend college outside of Hawai`i?” Honestly, the answer is no. In fact, my goal was to do the exact opposite. I have spent over 14 years of my life striving to attend this very university.

Lauren Bauers

Picking the University of Hawaii at Hilo was the best thing for me. I’m from California and I wanted to get out of that culture and experience a new one. I lived in a large city and I really needed to see what’s outside my community and get out of my comfort zone. When I arrived in Hilo I knew that this was the place for me. The students,
teachers and faculty are all nice people and they made me feel welcome. I also made a lot of new friends, all from different parts of the world. That’s one of the great things about UH Hilo, It’s a very diverse campus.

Sarah Anderson

I did not fit the traditional profile of a university student, but at the age of 51, with kids who had just graduated from college, and a successful career in technology, my lack of a bachelor’s degree had become a liability. The absence had limited my professional growth and was slowly and insidiously eating away at my own self-image.

Storme Eisenhour

When I came to UH Hilo I was astonished by the sense of community I felt, not just during classes, but their daily activities as well. I came from the mainland, but I spent all of my high school years in Hilo Town, so I’ve always been exposed to the ‘Aloha’ , the love for one another. That’s one thing that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. What I’ve learned simply being in Hawaii is that there is a really strong sense of family and people always watching out for one another. Anyone who has lived in Hawaii for some time, is no stranger to ‘Hanai—our neighbors which we accept as our family.

Amy Markel

Flying through the murky water holding the back flipper of a 309lbs female Hawksbill sea turtle, my professor Dr. Jason Turner caught one of the largest Hawksbill sea turtles ever recorded. Caught in Punalu’u Pond, our Marine Reptile Conservation Ecology Lab, with George Balazs from NOAA’s NMFS, measured her lengths, weight, PIT tagged her hind flippers, and released her back into the ocean. Two days later in Natural History of Sharks and Rays Lab, another student, Dr. Turner and I pulled in the long line that had been set earlier that night, and pulled up two young of the year blacktip sharks and a energetically swimming 4 ft Sandbar Shark (which we radio tagged)! After only being here for three weeks, I’m already excited about the opportunities that are available here. I’m attending the July meeting for the Marine Mammal Response Network and the Hawaii Cetacean Rehabilitation Center, and am planning on attending the trainings later in July.

Jaaziel Garcia

My story revolves around fútbol (soccer to non-Spanish speakers) and how it led to me transferring to UH Hilo to play soccer and study Marine Science. Flashback to 1986 – I was in my mom’s belly and Mexico was hosting the 1986 FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament. It is there that I ended up falling in love with soccer; I kept hearing my dad root for Mexico and that intense energy kept flowing into me through my mom. You see, to me, soccer is more than a sport, it is a life style. I dream, I eat, I wake up and live for soccer, and in fact I’m sure I will die with it. Eight years after I was born, my parents ended up immigrating to Los Angeles, CA. so that my two little brothers and I could have a chance at a better life. I thank them for that because if it weren’t for that tough decision I would not have found myself here in Hilo.

Dan Hu

An old acquaintance of mine recently emailed me asking for advice: “Should I attend UH Hilo as a graduate student?” My reply was short: “Yes, you should!”
What an easy question to answer! But of course easy questions are never the end of it, and so she came back with a more important question and asked, “Why should I attend UH Hilo?”
So let me pause for a second here.

Robyn Taniguchi

Robyn Taniguchi

Through UH Hilo’s study abroad program, I got the opportunity to study abroad at Rikkyo University in Tokyo, Japan, for a year and a half (3 semesters).

This experience was priceless and has given me the drive to want to learn more about other cultures around the world.